Karval Community Alliance

Mountain Plover Festival


“I would like to thank you for the very enjoyable experience I had at the Plover Festival. I enjoyed meeting the wonderful Karval community. I hope to attend again. “


Species List: observed in Lincoln County April 24-26, 2015 / Karval Mountain Plover Festival

Localities include Karval, Karval Lake, Limon Wetlands, Brett Gray ranch, prairie and cultivated land around Karval.

Canada goose

American robin

Gadwall Northern


American wigeon

European starling

Cinnamon teal

Orange-crowned warbler

Northern shoveler

Yellow-rumped warbler

Northern pintail

Spotted towhee


Vesper sparrow

Common merganser

Lark bunting


Ruddy duck

Song sparrow

Scaled quail

White-crowned sparrow

Ring-necked pheasant

Red-winged blackbird

Pied-billed grebe

Western meadowlark

Great blue heron

Yellow-headed blackbird

Turkey Vulture

Common grackle

Bald eagle

Great-tailed grackle

Northern harrier

House finch

Swainson’s hawk

House sparrow

Red-tailed hawk

Ferruginous hawk

American coot

American avocet


Mountain plover

Greater yellowlegs

Lesser yellowlegs

Rock pigeon

Eurasian collared dove

Mourning dove

Great horned owl

Burrowing owl

Northern flicker

American kestrel

Say’s phoebe

Western kingbird

Loggerhead shrike

American Crow

Horned lark

Tree swallow

Northern rough-winged swallow

Barn swallow

House wren

Compiled by Kevin Corwin, Polly Reetz, & Kathy Bollhoefer

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CO 80823

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