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What is the Mountain Plover?

The Mountain Plover is a bird that begins arriving to Colorado’s Eastern Plains in early April. Plovers find the short grass prairie and fallow fields in the area to be excellent nesting grounds.

When is the Mountain Plover Festival?

The festival takes place on the last weekend of April. In 2019, it occurs on Friday, April 26; Saturday, April 27; and Sunday, April 28, 2019.

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What is the Karval Mountain Plover Festival?

The Karval Mountain Plover Festival began when Karval community members were looking at economic opportunities for this small community. We decided to “bring the bird lovers to the bird”. This i s a weekend full of bird watching, Wildlife viewing tours, entertainment, history, arts and crafts, antiques, and LOTS OF GOOD FOOD! Along with bird watching, here are some of the other things you will enjoy:

  • You’ll get the chance to mingle with farmers and ranchers who choose to live in the local community and learn about their lifestyle.
  • Eat home style food at every meal. Most meal are prepared by the community non-profit organizations.
  • Saturday evening includes a Chuck Wagon dinner with authentic western entertainment.
  • Learn about conservation practices and history of the area.
  • Tour Private Land that would normally not be accessible.
  • Make new friends!

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Who should come to the Karval Mountain Plover Festival?

mtplover-chickPlover lovers. Learn how landowners and biologists work together to study and preserve the nesting grounds of this elusive species.

Wildlife Enthusiast. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, attendees enjoy watching many species of prairie wildlife in their natural habitat.

History Lovers. Talk with third generation ranchers, the sons and daughters of homesteaders. Walk the spring hunting grounds of the Native Americans. Visit a prairie school house.

Nature Lovers. Vistas that go on for miles without a sign of man’s footprint. Visit playas, tree groves, natural springs, man made lakes, and fallow fields.

Event Highlights:

  1. Two day tours and one night tour – You’ll see bird and many other wild animals!
  2. Tours on private land
  3. Country hospitality with all meals included.
  4. Photo Contest

Where to stay?

  • Home stays with local families Stay with working farmers and ranchers.
  • Electric hookups for motor homes are available.
  • Primitive camping sites available.
  • Closest motels are in Hugo and Limon, Colorado. Click Here for More

For more lodging information contact; Debbie at 719-892-0864 or Katie at [email protected]

Local Areas of Interest

Karval Reservoir

Enjoy 229 acres of hunting, stocked warm water fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing. Hunting opportunities include deer, rabbit, scaled quail, dove, and waterfowl. Restrooms and shade shelters available. To get to Karval Reservoir, head 10 miles south from the junction of State Highways 94 and 109. From downtown Karval, the reservoir entrance is only two miles east and one mile south.

Kinney Lake

Hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, camping, and photography can all be enjoyed at Kinney Lake. The area boasts 354 acres for hunting, small game, waterfowl, antelope, and deer. In warmer months the lake is stocked with trout. Campsites are also available. From Hugo, go 14 miles sout on 109 to County Road 2G. Then drives 2.5 miles east to County Road 2J and one more mile east to get to the area entrance.

Hugo State Wildlife Area

Hugo State Wildlife Area is Lincoln County’s largest State Wildlife Area with 1,941 acres. Warm water fishing is stocked with trout in the spring. Deer, antelope, rabbit, dove and waterfowl hunting are popular. The area is also great for camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing. From Hugo, go 14 miles south on 109 and then 2.25 miles east on County Road 2G.

“I particularly enjoyed the burrowing owls standing guard among the prairie dogs.”
Leslie Holtzmann, for Encompass, the AAA magazine

2019 Ticket Purchase

New Express Tours
Small group tours are not included in regular festival packages above. Small group tours are separate packages focusing on specific viewing areas.

Plover Seeker:
Saturday Afternoon Small Lunch Group & Tour

$200 ea –  limited to 6 people(chuckwagon dinner not included) 


Sunday Surprise: Sunday Morning Small Group Breakfast & Tour

$200.00 EA – Limit 12 people

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